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Site Preparation

Proper site preparation is essential to a safe and productive construction environment. During the beginning stages of a construction project, people don’t always consider the details of the building location. However, an improperly prepared construction site can destroy plans, hinder building permits, and damage your project. Not to mention that it can cost you thousands of dollars… You want to collaborate with an earthwork expert who has seen and handled it all. At Farm & Home Excavating we are known for tackling challenging construction sites that other companies can’t or won’t do.

We are a family business local to Howard County, and we have worked on projects throughout Maryland. Our owner is on every job site, and we prioritize every project as if it is our own home. The Maryland landscape shifts from the Appalachian Mountains to the Piedmont Plateau to the Atlantic Coastal Plain. You want to work with a local site preparation company who holds decades of experience and expertise in handling the challenges particular to each region.

From the first consultation to the final inspection, Farm & Home Excavating is the company you want for this crucial part of any construction project. Call Us with any questions about site preparation for

  • Grading
  • Soil Work
  • Site Clearing
  • Building pads
  • Parking Lots
  • Demolition

Site Clearing

The process of clearing away the vegetation and surface soil of the construction site. While this may sound like a quick and dirty process, there is an exact order of operations that needs to take place to ensure an optimal work environment. We use a specialty machine called the Right of Way Clearing Machine. It does not disturb the soil, and it can mulch up to 8 inch diameter trees. It’s an environmentally friendly way to clear with low soil disturbance.

Site Consulting

Farm & Home Excavating inspects your proposed work site. We will help to gather information, assess feasibility in relation to your building goals, determine best practices, and provide an estimate. Trust and communication are key during this stage of your project, and we pride ourselves on our stellar reputation in that regard.

Site Plan Design

We will review your site plan and consult with you regarding your building footprint, travelways, parking, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, and landscaping. Not only will we assess feasibility, we will also ensure that your plans are in line with development codes.

Site Investigation

involves trying to locate issues ahead of construction to head off any unexpected problems you may encounter.

At Farm & Home Excavating, we aim to be involved with your project from its conception to completion. We try to help our clients stay within their budgets, which requires a proactive approach to site development.

We’ll set your site ready for a successful project.