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Proper Site Clearing is an important step in any construction project, from home building to parking lot paving. You need someone with decades of expertise in this field, who can advise you and guide you from permitting to final inspection. At Farm & Home Excavating, we will ensure that your building site is cleared correctly for an optimal building foundation, within Maryland laws and regulations. We can handle any type of land clearing, which also includes

  • Site Clearing
  • Total Tree Removal
  • Clearing of Invasive Trees
  • Clearing of Invasive Shrubs
  • Overgrown Area Clearing
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Easement Clearing

We are a family business local to Central Maryland, and we have worked on projects throughout the State, from Frederick to Bethesda and everywhere in between. Our owner is on every job site, and we prioritize every project as if it is our own home. The Maryland landscape shifts from mountains to wetlands. You want to work with a local company who holds decades of experience and expertise in handling the challenges particular to each region.

We have a specialty machine called the Right of Way Clearing Machine. It does not disturb the soil, and it can mulch up to 8 inch diameter trees. It’s an environmentally friendly way to clear land with low soil disturbance. This machine is particularly useful for soil conservation in Parks and Community Planning. Because it clears without disturbing the ground, we usually don’t need a permit for this type of site clearing. It’s an efficient practice that stays within MDE guidelines.

Site clearing is the process of clearing away the vegetation and surface soil of a predetermined area, which involves two steps:

1. Clearing Vegetation

The first step of clearing is to remove vegetation. In contrast to the slash and rough operation you might envision, this is a precise process. Maryland has reforestation laws to be aware of, and you also need to consider erosion control. Are there trees to be saved? We will review your plans and make sure the land will be able to meet your expected outcome.

2. Clearing Surface Soil

Surface soil is an unstable building foundation due to roots and decaying materials underground. During the clearing of surface soil, the soil is loosened, removed, stockpiled and or transported. The remaining soil is properly graded and prepared for building.

Our company motto is “if you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it”. We have a reputation of handling tough jobs with precision and expertise.

If you are facing a particular challenge with clearing your land, Call Us and we’ll fix you up.